A Month I’ll Never Forget

March 18, 2009 by  
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This month will probably rank as one of the top 10 most memorable months of my life.

I have always considered myself to be an extra-ordinarily healthy, athletic, live my life on the edge kind of guy. We had a very busy month ahead of us. We (the GOP) were scheduled to  sing 6 times in 2 weeks and two school concerts, which I produce and direct, were scheduled for the coming weekend. So when pneumonia knocked me flat on my back, having to be drug out of the house by some of my school students, carried into a van, and carted into the hospital was not what I had in mind for taking a breather.

I came away from that hospital experience with an appreciation for several things. I never realized how wonderful I.V’s were. That liquid flowing into parched blood vessels was wonderful-I mean really wonderful. And my family-I’m telling you I have the most wonderful family a man could ever wish for. From my parents, to my in-laws, (especially “Mel” Arentz who helped to haul me out of my basement) they took really good care of me.

My wife, Sheryl, man I love that lady. She was the best nurse a man could have. God is restoring my strength for which I am so grateful. I have an appreciation for good health unlike anytime before. Yet my trial seems so trivial when compared to the journey that so many other people are called to travel.

My oldest sister, Diane, faces an uphill battle with cancer. We pray, we hope, and we wonder. Friends, I am so grateful for a God in whom we can trust. Knowing he is already in our tomorrow gives me confidence that He has already walked the road that I must. He is there, and He cares.

Bless you all,



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