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On the road again–to Deleware this time.  Anna and James Harvey were the promoters of the dinner concert, and it was held at Sam Yoder’s Farm.  Also on the program were the Allen Harris family from Indiana(a father and two sons who sing together).


Singing right after a great meal--cod, catfish, ham, beans, potatoes and carrots, coleslaw, salad, rolls, chocolate cake and different kinds of pie--yum. The guys waited to eat till afterwards!


MC for the evening Anna Harvey. This is the third time we've done concerts for Anna Harvey, and he's been the MC each time, introducing the group as "a trio, with a bass singer tagging along".


Daryl, Brian, Anna Harvey (concert promoter), Sam Yoder, Jason, Danny

Sam’s farm is a very family-friendly place to have concerts.  Jake Petersheim was in his glory–John Deere tractors are everywhere inside.  Sometimes they have tractor shows with a concert, but not this time.  Still, there are always Sam’s pedal tractor display the whole way around the top of the room–75 of them (he’s got 150 total).  And in the display cases around the room, he has 175 model tractors set up.  I think he said he has several hundred more at home in display cases.


Jacob Petersheim enjoys the tractor display

These kinds tractors line the perimeter of the impressive collection

These kinds tractors line the perimeter of the impressive collection

Renita Petersheim and Sam Yoder made some Oregon connections this time–Sam’s father grew up in Albany, Oregon, and Sam’s in-laws are in McMinnville, OR.  About 10 years ago on his way up to Alaska, Sam and his wife stopped in Sheridan, OR (Renita’s home town) and parked their trailer in the church parking lot while visiting friends in town.

Jacob, Renita, and Chrissy Petersheim enjoying a meal

Jacob, Renita, and Chrissy Petersheim enjoying a meal

We let the children play outside after the meal, while the guys sang.  There are cattle to visit, chickens to feed, and toads to catch.  We all really enjoyed our time there.  Sam and Anna are great hosts!


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