A Better Way – by The Garment Of Praise

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”A Better Way” is our project put out in 2008. It features 4 songs penned by Daryl Petersheim, a spiritual, 2 songs backed up by our choir, and some good straightforward quartet singing-a total of 15 songs that will encourage, bless and strengthen.


Below is a List Of Tracks On This Album.

1 Damascus Road
2 I’m Gonna Leave The Light On
3 Low Down the Chariot
4 I’ll Never Know (written by GOP member Daryl Petersheim)
5 Well of Grace
6 This Could Be The Moment (written by GOP member Daryl Petersheim)
7 I’ll Never Walk Alone
8 The Cross Still Stands (written by GOP member Daryl Petersheim)
9 Walking With Jesus
10 Going On With The Song
11 The First Look
12 Jerusalem
13 If You Died Tonight
14 A Song About Heaven (written by GOP member Daryl Petersheim)
15 Going Home


10 Responses to “A Better Way – by The Garment Of Praise”

  1. Rachel Stoller on May 5th, 2009 8:06 pm

    I like your new website! Keep up the good work!

  2. Ellen on September 10th, 2009 1:20 pm

    I want to add my voice to the chorus of caring thoughts for a sister battling cancer. I can hear from their comments her legacy is one that always goes on in all of the lives that have been touched by her life, be it directly or indirectly. And GOP keep on going on with a song! Singing is what will make you stronger in the dry and barren land.

  3. mark on March 10th, 2010 8:33 pm

    your singing is the best I’ve ever heard! keep up the good bass it is pretty low! I love listening to them!!!

  4. winfred on November 25th, 2010 2:11 am

    Some real good stuff! All the way from the first album to the last. Keep it up!!

  5. Alex on January 7th, 2011 7:48 pm

    was wondering if there was any chance that you all had you songs you sing on shape note format or even round note at if there was a way to have access to one of the songs… would love to have copy of “I’ve Been Rescued” and “It’ll be Worth it After All”

  6. James on September 22nd, 2011 7:36 pm

    Hi I love the music you guys do. I use to think I could never give up my old music and then a friend gave me some of your guys stuff. I really love it thank you so much

  7. Jenny Nolt From ( CO) on January 31st, 2012 3:14 pm

    Hi I just want to say good work . I Like your new website. please put some pictures of Jeffe`s wedding if you have some. I love GOP very much your music is awesome so so so so so awesome.

  8. Jenny Nolt From ( CO) on July 14th, 2012 9:19 pm

    Hi Come Visit All.Jenny

  9. Lorna Waldner on August 2nd, 2012 7:43 pm

    I really love the song ‘The Cross still Stands’ and I was wandering if I might
    have the words to this song. I really like to hear you sing and it blesses me.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. vernon buckle on November 11th, 2012 9:44 pm

    Looking for the words of ” The Cross still stands”? Also when can I buy a cd? I heard the song once on sirius, very beautiful.

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