Bus Trip to Upton

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Finally, another bus trip was underway! It had been awhile since we were on the bus. We headed out Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm for Greencastle, PA. We took our supper along and ate on the road.  These pictures are a good example of what we keep busy doing while travelling!


Chrissy, Daryl’s second daughter, sleeping; always a good activity on the bus, since we always run short of sleep at the end of the trip!


Tamara, Brian’s third daughter, listening to music or stories on MP3 player.


This is Jason’s usual spot–giving road directions and keeping the driver on course!


Jason’s newest addition; Dallas, at 4 1/2 months.


Daryl drove on the way there; Jason on the return home.

The guys sang to a full house at Upton. The program was planned by John Eberly, and we used Upton’s building for the event.  There were people from all different churches represented there. The building was full enough, that the wives and children gave up their bench to others coming. The children stayed in the basement, played school, and read books. (I think this time they were happier doing that than listening to their dads again!)


Tamara (Brian’s) “teaching” her class of unruly brothers and friends.

David Gipe’s, from Ohio, came in for the weekend and the program.  We enjoyed visiting with them when we went over to John’s house for a snack following the program. Our program and extended visit had us leaving the area at 11:00 pm. We reached our homes around 1:30-2:00 am.

We thank God for a nice time of ministry, fellowshipping with friends, and safety on the road.


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